About Us

Marciano (1)Mission:
  Our mission is to help believers embrace a vision for a victorious life, then equip them to walk it out!  Dream it! Live it!  In Christ!  Igniting your imagination. Improving your reality. 

Vision:  Our vision is to ignite your imagination and improve your reality.  We want to see the lie of hopelessness eradicated, the believers educated, biblical principles applied and lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Can you see yourself FREE?  Can you imagine what your VICTORIOUS life would look like?  

We want to equip you to Imagine Your Victory!  


Here on www.imagineyourvictory.com  You will find weapons for spiritual warfare, encouragement for everyday life, testimonies of transformation and other special features/resources.  We want people to be free in their lives, their relationships, their finances, and their thoughts.

How we started:  In July of 2009 Tony and Tesha Fritz saw the craziness that social media had become and felt led to lighten the place up with the love of Jesus.  They began to post encouraging messages, prayer requests, Bible verses, testimonies and even an invitation to Christ.  The response was great!  They continued to utilize social media to encourage God’s people and connect with those who had questions about Christ.  A group was formed to keep in touch with those who felt encouraged by the postings.  It evolved into a Bible study forum with members reading through certain books of the Bible together.  The website has been birthed out of a desire to connect with individuals who desire to be free in Christ and stay free in Christ!  It is a joy to empower believers in Christ and convince seekers that He is the way!