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5 Tips to Prepare You for the LeCrae Anomaly Tour

The Anomaly Tour ft. Lecrae with Special Guests[/button]

So, I was partially prepared for the Anomaly Tour, but after experiencing it, I wanted you to be a bit more prepared than I was.  Here are a few tips on what you can do to get ready and intensify your Anomaly Experience.

1.  Work Out!  

DJ Promote got the crowd jumping and dancing during his set which is up first.  Then Andy Mineo (yes, Minnie -O) had us dancing, wylin, singing, crying (just a few tears during Bitter – and I’m unashamed!)  Then LeCrae comes out and sets it off.  When we were leaving the venue there was a young lady who sat on the floor and literally had to stretch.  “That’s what I need to be doing,” remarked another concert goer whose body was feeling the effects of a three hour cardio workout!  My advice is to begin a strong workout routine at least two months ahead of time.  Stretch before you come to the concert and engage in some kind of cool down before you leave.  I did not do this… I’m paying for it the day after.

2.  Charge your phone. 

The Anomaly tour deserves to be captured in parts for your friends on every social media outlet.  You will get some great pictures.  My favorite pics that I wanted to get, (but my phone was #dead) was LeCrae imitating Michael Jackson!  PRICELESS.  Thank God, my husband anticipated my phone’s DOA routine and brought the real camera.  (OH MY!)  So we were able to get some really cool shots.  So in between sets take selfies, post, TELL THE WORLD!  Trust me this is an experience that you will want to remember and share.  I think we snapped a pic of Andy on that skateboard too!

3.  Bring some Money. 

So listen.  The one thing about supporting any artist on Reach Records is that they are a family.  So it is not uncommon to see concert goers wearing Trip Lee shirts, Tedashi shirts, old tour hoodies, and any 1.1. six gear.  I say all that to say, plan to buy some merchandise (or merch for short)  Our kids wanted wristbands – they were $5.  They had some really reasonable backpacks.  The t-shirts were a bit pricey ($25) but hey – plan ahead and wear it to the next three concerts you go to.  Spend the money.  Support the movement.  Represent the message.  It’s worth it.

4.  Dress Appropriately

I want you to go back to tip #1 and ponder.  This concert is a workout if you are going to participate.  I was not dressed appropriately.  I wore a cute little sweater over a matching decorative cami.  It was all fun and games when we were waiting on the show to start – but er um after DJ Promote had me feeling like I was a teenager (he played all my favs including party up by DMX (YUP!  I broke out all my moves!) I noticed that the sweater was not a good choice for this concert.  A SISTA WAS HOT!  Rocking the cami alone was not a modest option for my body type.  So, I had to revisit Tip #3 and visit the merchandise table and buy a t-shirt for immediate wear!  Then I could party.  So, your outfit selection should include anything that you can dance, move, jump, and sweat in while maintaining your desired look.  If that is stillettos, combat boots, tshirts, fatigues… whatever.  Just consider it before hand so your attire won’t negatively impact your experience.

5.  Buy the album. 

So we are superfans.  We have all of Andy Mineos stuff.  We have all of the LeCrae’s stuff. (and Tedashi and Trip and KB and a bunch of other stuff) The only competition with the new albums in our rotation is the love and loyalty to the old albums.  (Change is hard for me.)  If you are going to the concert – you will want to be familiar with their music.  If you are not familiar, that’s ok too; but afterward you will wish you knew the words so you could sing along – especially when they cut the music and the crowd gets to be the stars and fill the silence with the lyrics.  MAN!  Good stuff.  So, buy the album, blast it in the car on the way to and from the event.

The Anomaly Tour is different.  It’s supposed to be.  It’s not what you would expect from “gospel artists”.  It’s not what you expect from “hip-hop artists”.  They are outsiders.  They are an anomaly.  So don’t try to box them in!  Go into it ready to party, but ready to reflect.  It’s a tour with a purpose.  There will be fun.  There will be focus.  There will be dancing.  There will be devotion.  So as much as I want you to be prepared, the best tip I can give you is keep an open mind and an open heart.  You might be surprised, but you won’t be disappointed.  Whatever you do – Don’t Miss this tour.  Check out the remaining dates here.  


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