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Learn How to Dream

Add textEvery moment you spend dreaming is time well spent.  I was talking to a friend recently and she was sharing with me her frustration.  She wanted to be doing something to further her dream.  Her frustration clued me into a problem that I share.  Sometimes I don’t know how to dream.     I want to share a few thoughts  to encourage you and move you closer to your dream.

1.  Dream.

Allowing your heart to embrace big vision from God is prayer.   Receiving an outlook that is bigger than your present situation can be God’s way of enlarging your territory.  Dreaming challenges man made limits and helps us to embrace our God who is so much bigger than our comprehension.  Dreaming energizes you toward your dream.  Practice dreaming without letting doubt or fear speak.  Practice dreaming with a verse in your heart that you speak to the dreams you have.  Practice dreaming in directions beyond your ability or capacity.  Then open your hands and allow God to fill you with the provision that it takes to bring His dreams to fruition through you.  (I’m praying right now that He will know every obstacle out of the way one at a time, just because He can! He gave this dream to you.  He wants it to come true.)

2.  Read. Research.

I know number one is dream, but along with that dreaming comes some practical kinds of things.  Being prepared for the provision that God wants to give you means knowing what to do with it.  Being a good steward is steeped in studying the word of God.  Knowing the Word will arm you with proactive and protective measures to surround your dream with just what it needs to come to pass in tact.  Knowing the Word and learning the business/background/basics of what your dream entails.  It is time well spent to know what your dream is from the inside out.  Find free webinars, articles, youtube videos, magazines… whatever you can get your hands on.  Take a class, enroll in a seminar, ask an expert, follow awesome dreamers on twitter, find godly people in the field.  This will give your dream some teeth.  You will see that it can be done.  You will learn some ways that other did it.  But most of all you will learn how to hear God’s voice to show you YOUR PATH to His dream for you!


I want to teach you how to dream.  I want to inspire you to allow the windows of heaven to pour into your heart.  Every step you take, no matter how big or how small gets you closer to your dream.    Zecheriah 4:10  says, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”     I want you to dream with this verse today.  I want you to work with this verse.  I want you to plan with this verse.

Get excited about the small steps.  Get excited about the little things.  The Lord rejoices in knowing that you are trusting Him by getting started.

Did this post help you?  Let us know in a comment below.

Sweet Dreams.


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