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Daddy’s Heart


Daddy’s Heart

Malachi 4:6  – He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse. 

This scripture caught my eye because many of us walk with disdain for our fathers.  As it turns out many fathers walk around showing disdain for their children.   Their actions speak for what’s in their hearts.  
Fathers who are absent, distant, unreliable, or indifferent send a message to their children that their hearts are elsewhere.  Children feel unloved and unimportant to the one that is supposed to value them on earth – the father.
The relationship between fathers and their children must mirror the relationship between the Heavenly father and His children. God said He would never leave us or forsake us.  He is true to His Word.  He is nearest to us when we are hurting.  He protects us when we face danger.  He is the consummate role model of Father.
When Fathers are most effective, they have turned their hearts to the Lord.  A Godly Father is one that children can trust, can imitate, can love.  When a child experiences the earthly father’s love properly that makes is easy to accept the heavenly Father’s love and discipline.  The child’s heart is indeed turned to their father, which leads them to their heavenly Father.  
God will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children.  We must love our children as ourselves.  When that happens children’s hearts will be turned to their fathers – both earthly and heavenly.  Children will be able to honor their fathers because they will be honorable men. 
As children, none of us can decide to be completely done with our relationships with our fathers. We cannot sever all ties and call ourselves children of God.  If you don’t love your father as you should, begin to pray.  Commit to praying for him daily even if you can’t bring yourself to the point where you can speak to him. Ask God to heal your heart concerning your father.
Reconciliation must take place for each of us to love as the Father intended.  If today you have heard God’s voice concerning your earthly father, I pray that you won’t let your heart be hardened. 
If you are not where you need to be with your Heavenly Father:  won’t you ask Him to come into your heart and heal your hurts. 
Let today be Father’s Day:  a day where your heavenly Father can rejoice that you want a relationship with Him. 
I’m Praying for the body of Christ for reconciliation. 
(I didn’t focus on the last part of the scripture, because if we are alive today, we have an opportunity to get the first part together.  I pray that we don’t can let our hearts cured of the hatred that the world promotes.  I pray that mothers will promote reconciliation for their children and their fathers.  I pray that fathers will look past difficult mothers and love their children properly.  I am praying for a radical move of God so that all children can find their way into our Daddy’s Heart through Jesus! ) 


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