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Day 11 – How to Give Priceless Gifts for Christmas

DCD-day-11On Christmas there are some people who are truly forgotten.  Because we are Doing Christmas Differently, I want you to pray about ways to bless people in these places on Christmas Day.  Think of other people who are forgotten on Christmas and I want you to serve Jesus by serving them.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me,” has been on my mind all week.  Who are the least of these?

When we think of the least of these, we tend to think of homeless people, and poor people.  I know we need to serve them and think about them.  Have you noticed that during this season many people are mindful of reaching out and helping the poor.   There is a group that emerges as “the least” on days like Christmas.  They are the least thought of.  The least appreciated.  The least remembered. The least cared for.  

Have you forgotten these groups on Christmas Day?  

  •  Patients in Hospitals and Hospital Employees
  • Families with Loved Ones in Hospice and Hospice Employees
  • Firefighters/Police/ Emergency Medical Technicians and their Families
  • Members of the Armed Forces and their Families
  • Inmates and Prison Staff (adult and juvenile)
  • Nursing Homes and their Staff
  • Orphans and Widows

I’m guilty of getting so wrapped up in my celebration of Christ that I forget to be His servant.  Is that really how we want to honor him?  The faith I proclaim so loudly, gets swept to the side in favor of the holiday.  I want to DO CHRISTMAS DIFFERENTLY!

Here are some ideas for blessing the forgotten.

1.  Remember them in prayer.  Lift up their safety, their sanity, their families on this holiday.  Pray that the Christmas joy of Jesus is with them, even when they are in working or experiencing a difficult time.

2.  Bless them with a thoughtful card and a gift to share.  Think about something for the staff room that employees can share and know they are appreciated.  I know that there are rules for patients, residents and inmates – so please abide by all regulations.

3.  Plan a special delivery on Christmas Eve to let people know that they are not forgotten.   Maybe Santa will show up with a bag of gifts for as many employees as possible.  Even if they are small and inexpensive it is a sentiment that will never be forgotten.

4.  Take a group of carolers to one of the forgotten places and simply pray with staff members, sing songs, and let them know that you are thinking of them.

5.  Make a donation to organizations that take the Gospel to the places named above.

(I’m aware that many of the above ideas do not work for the prison.  Please share some ideas that could be a blessing to prison staff members.)

 You are the one to care for the least of those this season!  You are the one that can shine His light. Spread His Word. Follow His lead.  If you don’t reach out to the lost, the hopeless, the forgotten – then who will?

So the question is are you willing to serve Christ in the forgotten places?  What better way to celebrate hope being born then to bring it to those who need it most.

Need Inspiration?  Watch this video.

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