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Do you know my Daddy?

Do You (1)I was helping a new student get registered for a test.  I asked the usual questions starting with, “What is your name?”  When she responded, her last name was a very uncommon one that was the same of one of our family friends.  I asked her, half jokingly, was she related to a couple of the people in that family.  Her face changed, she locked her eyes into mine.  “Oh my God!  That’s my father.  Do you know him?”  Then she started to cry as she explained to me that she had never met him, but desperately wanted to get in touch with him and his family, which she corrected herself to call that family her own.

This is a notion that many people experience.  They want to know the Father.  They want to know more about Him, but they don’t know how to get in touch.  They don’t know how to call on him, or how to learn more about Him – all they have is you and your connection.  We are called to be light, and when we walk with Christ we will never walk in darkness again.  As the light shines through us people will lock eyes with us and ask, “Do you know Him?”  They will share countless stories about knowing who He is, but desperately wanting a relationship with Him and His family.

How will you love the lost ones into the fold.  How will you handle introducing a lost child who feels abandoned to the loving Father who has never left their side.  How will you reassure a seeking soul, that there is love unfailing waiting for permission to enter their heart.  Be prepared to reconcile the one relationship that matters most in this world.  Be ready to be a connection to the Father.  Be ready to walk alongside God’s children as they venture to learn more about Him.

Many daughters are on the search for Daddy.  Those of us who know Him, have to ask ourselves if we are willing to help our sisters make the connection.  Are we willing to risk the security of distance for the reward of reuniting a believer with the lover of our souls?  Do you know Him well enough to put someone in touch with Him?  Do you know Him well enough to tell the stories of our lineage that will confirm that He is real and alive?  Do you know Him well enough to tell your testimony to someone whose testimony is just beginning to take shape?  Do you know Him well enough to love like He loves?  to live how He lived?  to walk like He walked.

Then let your life preach.  Let your love minister healing and reconciliation.  May the God of peace enrich your life, so that others may recognize your connection to Daddy and ask you to introduce them to Him.


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