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How to Give Priceless Gifts For Christmas Day 2

DCD Day 2

DCD Day 2

Have you ever received a gift unexpectedly?  Have you ever been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of a true surprise?  What was most endearing about the moment that you realized the gift was for you, or who it was from?  Can you remember details of that day?  Then you remember what it was like to receive the gift for today.

A great gift to give is joy!

Here are a few ideas on how to wrap up joy and deliver it to an unsuspecting individual.

1.  Write a letter to someone who has brought you joy in your life.  Maybe it is your second grade teacher, or an old Sunday School classmate.  Maybe it is the desk clerk that says good morning with a smile everyday.  Maybe it is someone you haven’t seen in years.  Whoever it is, I want you to go old fashioned.  Get some cute stationary and a few postage stamps.  Write out a note that recalls how the joy the person brought you made a difference in your life.  Stick a small gift card in there and let it crawl through the snail mail.  It will be a totally unexpected ray of sunshine in the dead of winter.  Pray about who to send this to and just do it.

2.  Give a Gold Medal.  Bob Goff, author of the book, “Love Does” (a great gift, by the way) spoke at my church not too long ago.  He gave a great idea that I’m going to put into action during this Christmas season.  He told us to go to one of those party stores and buy toy gold medals.  Every time you experience great service, take out the gold medal and put it around the person’s neck.  Snap a picture with the person and post it on social media.  (#DCD to spread that Christmas Spirit) You will deliver joy right to that person’s heart.  Don’t wait to appreciate their work.

Joy is a precious jewel.  It is a rare and beautiful commodity that is so rich.  Joy is valued, but often hunted and killed.  The Bible cheers us on and says, “Let us not be weary in well doing.  For in due season we shall reap, if we don’t faint.”  Though you are busy and tired and full of reasons to have a right to deliver grumpiness to people – decide to deliver joy.  Wrap it up, send it in a note, or in a gift box, or in your willingness to serve.

Do Christmas Differently.  Give the gift of Joy.

Leave a comment.  Tell us about a time when you have received the gift of joy!

Share your story.  Use #DCD  and tag us on social media.

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  • I absolutely love this idea! There are so many people who go out of there way to show kindness and compassion to both myself and Kaitlynn and I do not show them enough appreciation. I will be Doing Christmas Differently this year. Thank you for the inspirational post!
    • Hi Kim, Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you are enjoying the ideas. I know you probably have some great ideas too on how we can Do Christmas Differently. Your family is kind and compassionate all year long. I’m so glad you we get to journey together. Merry Christmas. #DCD
  • I love this message that you send. Last night , as I read our family devotion I teared up telling my children how blessed we are and how much I want this to be a time of year to celebrate our blessings not to express our desires.
    • Hi Kristen, Thank you for your comment. Teaching our children to celebrate their blessings and be a blessing is one of the best gifts. Let’s Do Christmas Differently together. Merry Christmas to you!

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