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Is Your Dream Dying?

Feeling Stuck-

I’m going to write today.  I don’t care if all I do is type a few lines, I’ve purposed in my heart to glorify God this way and that is just what I am going to do.  If it is not perfect or interesting or all together lovely so-be-it.  I’m going to write today.

With my writing, I find myself stuck at times.  I find myself in a state where I feel like I have nothing at all to say.  I get discouraged.   I get into a writer’s block room and I feel like the walls are closing in.

Then I feel stuck.  Later I regret not pushing through – not doing what I feel called to do – not getting past my emotions.

What do you do when you feel stuck?  I am going to encourage myself today and pray that you feel encouraged as well.

1.  Dream

Dreaming energizes you to take some action.  I love to think about the vision that God placed in my heart.  I love to allow myself to take the limits off of God and embrace His vision for what He has placed inside of me.  Holley Gerth encourages readers to take just 5, 10 or 15 minutes a day just to work on your dream.  That adds up to an hour a week.  Four or more hours a month. And before you know it – you are seeing progress and gaining momentum.  So if your dreaming leads you to create a vision board, do some research, or even just gaze out of the windows while you allow the possibilities to be born in your heart.  Do it!  When you are stuck reframe your emotions and view it as a call to stop and receive from God again.  That’s what a dream is anyway!  It’s God’s special station in your mind and heart.

2. Refresh

When you feel stuck sometimes it is an opportunity to take a new turn or go in a different direction.  Routine and familiarity can sometimes be a dream killer.  You start to feel stuck in a rut and you aren’t making or seeing any progress.  Refresh!  Question yourself.  What am I thirsty for?  What needs to change?  What am I really doing?  What do I need to do differently.  Go for a walk.  Put on some different music.  Read a different verse.  Find a different color.  Speak to different people.  Read different experts.  Pray in a different place.  Change things up a bit.  In might be just the break that you need to feel inspired.  Refreshing can catapult you from where you were to where God wants you to be.  Refreshment is necessary to help you go the distance.

3.  Resuscitation

Discouragement cuts off the air supply that dreams need.  Feeling stuck and hopeless are signs that your dream needs a revival.  I’m thinking of the CPR model.  Sometimes you need someone to aggressively breathe life back into you.  Sometimes you need to be in a place where you are pressed back into the rhythm of life.  Do you need resuscitation?  Has discouragement drifted off into the land of hopelessness?  Are you just about ready to watch your dream flatline?  CLEAR!  We have to shock you back into the beat of this dream.  God created you for a purpose.  He has plans for you!  With this plan there is provision.  Provision is not just about resources, but it is reminders of His hope.  It is the life giving flow of encouragement from one believer to another.   When you feel stuck, to the point of giving up, reach out for help.  Let someone know that you have reached the do or die point.  Also, when someone recognizes that you don’t have that same look in your eye, or that your heart is faint.  Be honest.  Accept prayer.  Share the burden.  Your dream may be one confession away from coming true.

Dear Lord,

I pray for every God-sized dream that you have placed in the hearts of your people.  I come against the spirit of discouragement, hopelessness and giving up.  Lord I pray that you allow dreams to be revived , refreshed and resuscitated.  I pray that you surround your dreamers with brothers and sisters that catch and kindle the vision.  I pray that the Body of Christ that sings the heart song you’ve placed inside of us to one another when we forget the words.  Lord, in our discouragement and disillusionment let us learn to look to You.  Let us learn to work for You and lean on You even when everything in the world is going absolutely crazy.  Be the lifter of our heads and our hearts.  Be our help! Lord, I pray a special prayer for that one who is just about to give up on the dream you gave them.  Lord reignite their fire for You with this prayer!  Lord, send provision, send miracles, send renewal, send inspiration, send refreshing, send YOUR SPIRIT!

In Jesus Name I Pray,




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