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Lecrae – Anomaly Tour Reflections

206We went to the LeCrae Anomaly Tour  It was phenomenal!   The lights, the show, the music and all of this was NOT at the expense of the message.  He shared different events from his life and how those events shaped him.  He bared some of his wounds and showed some of his scars – so that people would know that Christ is a healer.

As he shared his story and God’s story the lights and lasers dazzled the crowd, the DJ hyped up the audience.  The smoke effects made us scream and the whole experience made us dance and dance and dance.  I loved it.  I loved it because it was an a time of worship for my family.  My daughter, who is eight and my son who is soon to be seven, and my husband and I in our thirty something glory – danced alongside teenagers, elders, and everything above and below us.  God spoke to me in the midst of the crowd.

When the concert neared the end I was overwhelmed with two feelings.

1.  Gratefulness

I was grateful to have had the experience to worship with my children.  Often the kiddos go off to children’s church and we stay in the main auditorium.  We love that they get the Word on their own level, but MAN!  let me tell you there is something that moves your heart to worship when you watch their mouths declare lyrics that glorify God.  Something happens to deepen our bond when we lift up holy hands in the air and wave them like we just don’t care. (Come on, it was a hip hop concert. 🙂 When my husband and I can see some of the brokeness of our past through LeCrae’s story and rejoice when he declares IN STEPPED JESUS! so our children won’t endure the generational curses that stopped when Jesus became our Lord!   To watch our children jump up and down and scream and laugh and dance – and to do it alongside them.  My heart was full.  I felt an urge to just take the moment in.  I drank it in with my eyes and I had a mama moment while LeCrae was turning up!!!!  Does your family worship together?  Don’t take those moments for granted.

2.  Awareness

There was a part in the concert when the screens were replaying scenes from LeCrae’s life.  This allowed him to sneak around to a hidden platform in the back of the arena.  He stood on the podium in the darkness while his story was in the light.  The DJ played some music.  We enjoyed the moment.  Then the lights moved and people saw that the headliner was in front of the people who were in the background.  You know what happened?  People made a bee-line to where he was standing.  People swarmed the platform once the lights came on.  He did a couple songs from there, then he did the unthinkable.  He jumped down and gave a bunch of high fives and hand shakes.  He had to allow his security team to make a way for him because everyone was screaming, running, trying to get a piece of him:  a touch, a picture, a video, an experience.  Everyone wanted something.  Look at the picture above you can see it.

I became overwhelmed with an urge to pray for him, and I want to share the areas that God laid on my heart so that perhaps you can join me in prayer.  I prayed that he would never get addicted to this.  As God allows his star to rise, that he will never desire the crowds and the screaming and the people more than he desires the Father.  I prayed for his heart to remain humble.  I prayed for his light, that the burden and variety of temptation won’t cause him to make decisions that dim his light – his witness.  I prayed that he would be kept safe from hurt and danger and crazy folks.  I prayed that the fame would never be his goal.  I prayed that people would accept his music, but that more people would accept his Savior as a result of his music.  I prayed that he would be given a circle of people that he could trust as more and more people know his name.  I prayed that God would keep him rooted in Him and that he would never loose site of the gospel message.  I prayed for his family for sharing him with the world every night, that they would be restored for all that they sacrifice.

I was reminded of Palm Sunday, when everyone was rejoicing and calling on Jesus not because of the Father, but because they thought he was the next earthly king.  I saw that hunger in the people’s eyes last night.  I saw people wanting to get a piece of the next big thing.  They chased him as he fought his way to the stage and my heart grieved for him.  There have been so many reports in the gospel industry of divorce, infidelity, homosexuality and more.  Recently a gospel artist was charged with domestic abuse for breaking his wife’s pelvis with a barstool.  My heart was heavy.  Are gospel artists perfect?  NO  Are worship leaders perfect?  NO  Are pastors perfect?  NO  Are the saints perfect?  NO!  Even in our imperfections there has to be an awareness of the people whose witness is connected to ours.  I’ve seen christian folks begin to question God’s realness when “leadership” experiences a moral or ethical failure.  When a part of the body falls – WE ALL SUFFER!  So when we go to these concerts, revivals, events – don’t be a just a taker, don’t be just a hungry lion looking to devour whatever you can get.  Be a giver – Pray!  Pray for their ministry.  Pray for their family.  Pray for their witness.  Pray for their soul.  201

Here’s the deal.  If there is anyone you look to – to provide you with a tool to get to know God better – PRAY FOR THAT PERSON!  Pray against the temptation to accept worldly standards.  Pray for their heart to be grounded in WORDLY standards. (yup, I made up a word)  Pray that the “fame” that so often turns into worship (from the people they are striving to lead to Christ) will be rejected in favor of making Jesus famous. Remember, Paul had to reject the worship of some people. (Read it here v. 8 – 18) Pray that the resources they need to pour out to each of us will be easily replenished.   Pray for the group of people surrounding them that they will pull them away from temptation and never push them towards it.  Pray for the people that surround them that they won’t be overwhelmed by the contagious disease of greed and no corruption befalls them.  This prayer is not just for superstars.  It’s for anyone that uses their gifts and talents to lead others to Jesus.  It’s for you and me.  Its for LeCrae.  It’s for his road manager.  His lights technician.  His tour bus driver.  WHOEVER.

I’ve heard it said this way, and I don’t know who said it but, “Pray for enough burden to keep us humble and enough blessings to keep us happy.”  I say pray for those things that will keep us holy!

LeCrae was amazing.  See the show!  Take your kids.  Take your Boo!  Take your enemies… there is truly something for everyone!  A special shout out to every youth leader who HATES hip hop, but endured the night for the cause of the cross.  I’m praying for you too!

This is probably the longest post ever, but my heart is full!  What artists, pastors, preachers would you like us to pray for with you?  Leave a comment.  


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