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Profile of An Overcomer: True Beauty

Intro to VictoryNot one heart transplant, but two
.  She doesn’t have to wonder if she’s here for a purpose.  God has made it clear through the blessing that she is to so many.  No stranger to adversity, Jasmine Le’Shea has a firefilled kind of joy.  A kind of presence that makes the enemy want her off of God’s team.  But she is a captain on the team and recruiting for the Kingdom!

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Jasmine Le’Shea is the singer whose voice made KB’s “HeartSong” an instant favorite for me.  Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jasmine recently relocated to Atlanta from Tampa, Florida.  She is talented, beautiful and intelligent.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  She is no stranger to success, yet she remains humble!  The industry might be full of ego and divatude, but Jasmine Le’Shea is different.  Her powerhouse vocals and jazz undertones have  been compared to Beyonce’, but her emphasis of Christ’s love in her lyrics leaves her in a class all of her own.  Her latest single, True Beauty was released on January 20th (the same day I interviewed her) and is blessing women all over the world.  

What’s the truth behind her beauty?

 I had the chance to interview her during this past week and I want to share a little piece of her story with you!  What struck me most was when I called her an overcomer she quickly corrected me with a smile that I could hear through the phone. “I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have overcome… more like overcomING!”  Truth. Humility. Honesty.  True Beauty. Jasmine LeShea.

“So what are you overcoming?”

“I’ve experienced alot. I struggle with self- image.  I’ve had failed relationships.  I’ve been cheated on.  Sexual immorality.   I can’t say that I have overcome, but I’m not falling into the same sins.  There is definitely some sanctification going on.”  She relies on the Holy Spirit to empower her, to inspire her, to make her over.

“Who are your biggest spiritual influences?

“Definitely my Pastor Daryl Williamson.  He leads by example – through the way he makes sure his wife feels loved and secure.  He is in ministry and that can definitely pull you in order to meet everyone’s needs.  My own experiences with men has not been good, but my pastor exemplifies what a godly man should look like. Also KB has been a big influence on my life.  They both apply scripture to their lives.  What I’m learning is that the Word is sharper than a two edged sword.  My prayer is for wisdom and discernment so that I can cut off what doesn’t meet a godly standard.  Because of men like Pastor Daryl and KB I know what a godly man is supposed to look like and act like.

The music industry and media have been linking up alot on reality tv.  Would you ever consider reality tv?  What are you thoughts on the recent shows featuring preachers?  

“I sing about 95% gospel music.  The other 5% would be “clean” jazz music or a love song at a wedding.  It is important to me for my actions to reflect the Lord.  I want to share Christ, not something that deters people from Him.  Reality shows often cast people who give Christians a bad name.  Unfortunately we live in a world that doesn’t want to see the kind of television that doesn’t give faith a negative spin. As an artist, it is easy to get caught up in numbers and ratings.  Even with the release of my single, it is easy to loose focus, but God brought me back.  He reminded me that I am doing HIS work.  So I just want to stay focused.”

How did you meet KB?   (KB is an anointed rapper who is a label mate of Lecrae on Reach Records)

“KB is a friend who attended the same church as I did in Tampa.  The first time he heard me sing he pulled out a phone and recorded me.  I look at him as an example of a godly man.  I’m good friends with he and his wife.

Is there a possibility that you could get signed to Reach Records?  

I don’t know if Reach would sign a female artists. If they did there so many amazing vocalists to be considered like Crystal Nicole and Natalie Lauren that I’d be honored if they sought me.

 How can we pray for you?

“Pray for wisdom and discernment.  Pray for peace in the areas of beauty and image issues.  Pray against the enemy’s plan – he constantly lies to me saying, “If you were more beautiful you would be xyz.  Pray for continued victory!”

Here are some fast questions we asked to get to know to Jasmine Le’Shea a little better:

1.  Married? Dating? Single? –  Single

2. Celebrity childhood crush? – Will Smith, not for the ears – for the humor

3. Favorite singer?  Mali Music and Jonathan McReynolds

4. Favorite rapper?  KB – Hands Down

5.  Biggest musical influence?  My mother.  She is a minister of music who is like Shirley Ceasar.  She is a powerhouse!

7.  Favorite color?  Lot’s of favorites, but green.

8.  Favorite scripture?  Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

 True Beauty is not about self confidence. It’s about confidence in God’s opinion.

Jasmine Le’Shea is not shy about sharing the fact that she still struggles with self image.  Many of us do.  But instead of walking into the quick sand of self pity she has decided to cry out to God to change the way she sees herself to the way God sees her.  It is a battle cry and this song rallies the troops who are desperate for a heart change in the mirror of God’s Word.  “I’ve never been considered the “pretty girl,” Jasmine quips.  “That has caused deep pain for me, but that is where I’ve experienced hope.”

Hope is a cornerstone of Jasmine Le’Shea’s  message.  While the style of her music transcends a genre category, her prayer is, “Whatever “box” people put me in, just let me tell them about Jesus from it.”  She laughs as she speaks and radiates a joy despite being a survivor of difficult circumstances.  “I have a different peace.  There is no beauty like the love of Jesus.”

Her prayer is that her music will fill the gap in the industry by focusing on the message of Christ.  The song “True Beauty”  speaks so much truth about her heart’s desire. She starts off in a way that she described as mellow speaking those famous words of a Proverbs 31 woman, “A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  She then transitions into what I teasingly called, “GANGSTA!” She laughed,  but I could feel the urgency in her words as she bellowed to women who struggle with self image, “I’m looking to Christ – the only giver of true beauty.”  It was almost as if she was telling us – “YOU BETTER NOT LOOK ANYPLACE ELSE!”  I love it!   The song introduced me to the rapper, Deraj, and one of his lines blessed my soul, “Her makeup in in her maker.”  His lyrical content added to the song and gave a man’s perspective on women who discover the true beauty from the Lord.  She ends with a cry to the Lord for her tongue, her mind and her heart.  Don’t we all need that?  Yes we do.

Though, Jasmine Le’Shea shares that she has never been what society deems as externally beautiful; she empowers us to fight that battle along side her.  Singing along with this song will give you the words to pray to seek God’s beauty.  I’m thankful that Jasmine Le’Shea is reminding us how lovely the blood of Jesus can make each one of us.  She is not alone in this battle. She won’t rest until every woman sees their TRUE BEAUTY.  Her full project will be released later this year.  She promises that it will be, “A good time in Jesus!” I believe her!  

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