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I had to set her straight. She had gone on talking and talking far too long. I had to be patient until the
right moment and then I let her have it. This is what I told her.

“I know you don’t think I have what it takes to make it, but I do. I know you don’t think I’m worth the
investment, but I am. I know you can’t see my beauty, but I can. You will stop reminding me of my
failures. They are building me up for my success. You will stop reminding me of what I can’t do,
because I’m focused on what I can do. Stop trying to get me to look and covet the next person’s
progress. I don’t have time for your criticism, your nit-picking, and Negative Nellie antics. I’m a woman full
of purpose and if you don’t know it, the best way for me to teach you is to live it out loud in front you.
When your voice is loud telling me about all that I am not, I will lovingly remind you  I am ALL that
God says I am. When you try to shift my focus from my life ambition I will fight to bring my focus back
to what is good and lovely and noble and admirable in God’s sight.

You’ve had my attention for far too long. You’ve had my ear for as long as I remember, but today I am setting you straight – I have to. You will not be the loudest voice in my head. I will not accept your criticism as truth. I’m not going to
abandon you, but I’m going to train you to get on board with the Kingdom way of thinking. I’m going to
build you up and show you how the broken place inside does not have to be your home base. I’m going
to set you straight, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to dog you out. That simply means that I’m
investing in a journey that causes you and I to be on the same page. I love myself too much to let ME be
my greatest enemy. I’ve realized that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Even my flaws  serve a
purpose. I’m not saying I’m complacent or ignorant of the fact that I need improvement, but what I am
saying is that improvement begins when I love myself right where I am. As I reflect on things, I realize
that the worst naysayer hasn’t been out there in the world, its been right here, in my own heart. I
realize that no one else counted me out, before I did. I realized that I taught people how to treat me
and how to see me by how I treat me and see me. I’ve been a great instructor, but now I’ve got to set
myself straight. The path I’ve chosen has a great destination. It is paved with His riches and glory. I’m
walking on this path regardless of what comes my way. When the trouble comes, then I will know that I
am His own – that He designed me to depend on Him. That doesn’t make me weak.   So I will call myself by my real name:Victorious. No more teasing, taunting or put downs from the inside out. This is a walk ordained by the Most High.”

I’m so glad that I set her straight!   
Is she bothering you? Is she holding you back? What do you want to tell her today? Go ahead – set her
straight in love and in boldness because she has to be put in her place for you to reach the place God
has for you!

Praying for you!  


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