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Single but… I NEED HEALING (PART 6)

We don’t always understand the reason we go through terrible relationships.  Some leave emotional scars, while others leave gaping gashes and terrible wounds.  When we experience something awful one thing is for sure – healing is needed.  I love that Jesus Christ is able and willing to set us free from the memories and wounds that attempt to hold us prisoner.  When people would flippantly suggest to me, “Give it to Jesus,” I would not my head and smile through the tears but my heart was screaming out, “HOW?”  Hang with me to learn HOW TO HAND IT OVER TO THE Savior.

1.  Admit that you are hurting.

When we have experienced a traumatic situation, many times we tell ourselves we are OK.  We lie to ourselves just to keep it moving  Here is the thing – the truth makes us free, so if we buy into the lie of, “I’m fine,” then we create a mask that becomes a prison and keeps us from breathing freely.  We keep swallowing in the same air that will eventually suffocate us.  One of the things about women who can never admit that they are hurt is they become masterful at hiding it from others, which then makes them carry the whole burden alone.  God didn’t design us for life that way.  Now I’m not suggesting tell the whole world all of your business, but admit first to God and then to a trusted Christian that you are hurting.  Allow them to pray for you and encourage you in the word of God.  Confession opens the door for God to come into the situation.  When He steps in – the game changes.  Admit to God what has hurt you – and who has hurt you.  Ask Him to show you hurts that you didn’t even know you were harboring.  Speak then take time to listen.

2.  Confess to Christ where you have neglected to let Him in.

When we admit that we are hurting, chances are we have shut Christ out in a few other areas.  I have allowed myself to struggle and shut Christ off, because I wanted to rely on my own help instead of His.  I felt like I didn’t deserve His love.  I treated God like a human, hoping to win His approval through my deeds, but it was quite the opposite.  God won’t be more proud of me if I do things on my own – without His help.   His heart smiles when I rely on Him to do all things.  When I am weak, He loves to be my strength.  What are the areas of your life where you have shut God out in favor of your own wisdom and strength?  Confess those areas and ask for forgiveness.

3.  Begin the process of allowing God to show you His plan for healing and redemption.

Invite God into the very places where you shut Him out.  Ask Him for forgiveness and then ask Him to show you how to forgive the one that hurt you.  Ask Him to show you how to forgive yourself.  When you have been in a relationship that went wrong for whatever reason and left you emotionally scarred we have to trust God’s Word that He can do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or even think.  So get a vision of yourself whole and healed, and know that God will supersede your happiest image of yourself.  He can take the very relationship that you thought you would never recover from, and show you that in HIM, it made you better and stronger for the right man.  You will even be able to pray blessings over the wrong man for giving you what my friend calls, “the gift of goodbye.”  Tell God where it hurts.  Ask God to heal you.  Commit to a number of days in prayer to confess, ask for forgiveness, and listen for His plan.  Share your commitment with a friend who can pray for you and with you as you discover God’s redemptive plan for your life. (or share it with us here on our prayer list)

Commit this scripture to memory Jeremiah 29:11-14.  Know that He will meet you right where you were taken captive by your wounds, and restore you to the place promised for you – peace and joy belong to you.  They are only found in Him.

Happy Healing.  KickHellOut of your past and find your purpose!  HAND IT OVER!!!!  Enjoy this song.

What are some ways that you have learned to give your struggles to Christ?  Help us all with what you have learned.  Leave a comment below!  



  • Tonight, I did this exercise, and was finally able to admit that I had been hurting for a long time and didn’t know what to do about it. I’ve been told to give my problems to Jesus before, but I didn’t know how. Opening my eyes to the embarrassment, shame and anger that I carried around with me all this time has helped me understand that I cannot do this on my own. I’ve known Jesus and somehow didn’t feel comfortable telling Him how I had been treated badly. Tonight, I told Him, and I’ve asked Him to help me hear His voice when he speaks. I want to remember the lessons, but I want to forget the weight of the pain and anguish I’ve carried this long. I want to forgive and truly leave the burden in the hands of God.
    • Consuela, That is a huge step of faith to begin the process of releasing the pain. He is faithful to lift the burden. We will be praying for you on this journey. Psalm 34: 17 -18 are great verses to remind us of His promise of deliverance from hurt and pain. Thanks for your comment.
  • You know why I loved this? Because you remembered how much God has to do with life. I totally agree with you on this
  • Thank you for this message and great scripture from Jeremiah. This is something we can all be reminded of.
  • I went through a rough patch in my relationship before & had the same bits of advice shared. It was amazing at how well it helped my heart to heal.
    • Hi Melissa, Yes. That’s reassurance for us all that hearts actually do heal. Those who are going through it now need to be reassured. There is healing ahead. Thank you for your comment.
  • i think i am finally on the other side of hurting. or here is to hoping so!
    • Hi Janelle, Stick with us so we can help you through. We love to encourage others. Thanks for your comment.
  • I have gone through a traumatic relationship where I’ve needed healing. God and counseling helped me put myself back together. Thanks for the advice!
    • Hi Crystal. Thank you for sharing. One of the healing things about community is knowing that we are not the only one who has gone through it. I appreciate your comment.
  • I think that step one – the admitting part – is the hardest
  • I did this many times when I was younger. I would just hold in the pain and put on a smile like everything was okay. This message is so great! God is here for us in our time of need and He will help us heal! Thank you for sharing such a personal and reflective message!
    • Hi Esther. Thank you for comment. Smiling through the pain has its place, but it can certainly be dangerous. Please come back again.
  • I’m glad that you have your faith to fall back on in times of emotional crisis. That’s such an awesome support for you. Hang in there, things will get better 🙂
    • Things are going well, but we have to be able to encourage others through the hard times. That is the purpose of our blog. Please come back again Holli. Thanks for your comment.
  • I have been through that very issue and I agree that only through Christ we can really heal.

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