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Single but…Moving In? (Part 5)

Our family used to live in an apartment building in the cross section of two suburbs of Cleveland.  When we moved there the building was very nice.  The clientele were respectable people.  There were some grad students, some doctors from a nearby hospital, some senior citizens, and a few young families like us.  The apartments were a great size even though it was a bit pricey, the atmosphere was conducive to the money.  But then they had a move in special…  (Long – drawn out  – dramatic – Siiiiiiiigh)

In the matter of a couple of months the building experienced trash in the hallways, the smell of marijuana coming from certain apartments, broken doors, break-ins, loud music, more police calls,  equipment being inappropriately used, and even the elevators were vandalized and broken.

What I learned from the move in special is this:

When you lower your standard in one area – you lower your quality in all areas.  The apartment managers didn’t change any other requirements to move in, other than the money down and the monthly cost.  They lowered the standard in one area, but inadvertently lowered the quality in many other areas.

Prize sisters,

When you lower your standards in one area, you invite destruction, chaos and havoc in many areas that were not the intended targets.  Just imagine if the building didn’t have any standards – the move in special would not have been attractive.  It is the standard that draws them in, it is the move in special that gives them access to quality they have not experienced, thus cannot appreciate.  When the quality is not appreciated it is not maintained – it is down-graded.  What used to be luxury, is now a slum because people who never intended on maintaining quality now have the power to bring the quality down.

You are so much better than a move in special.  Don’t you EVER lower your standards just to fill a space.  Don’t ever risk a life-downgrade because of the need for companionship.  You cannot afford the damage – but you can avoid the wreckage by keeping every standard set by our Father, God.  Keeping His standard for yourself, and those who you consider for relationship will keep you from that gut-wrenching feeling of taking stock and wondering “How did I get here?”

Maybe you are looking around at your life and you have found that you have allowed a “move in special”  heck – maybe a few of them, just to have someone around.  You are noticing the lowered quality of spiritual life that you are experiencing.  When the move in special of lowered standards overtakes you – MOVE.

Evict if you have to.  Move on if you have to.  Ask God for direction and prepare for a change.

Every time we pass an apartment building with a “MOVE IN SPECIAL” sign, we always wonder if the managers know the cost of simply trying to fill a space.

Prize sisters I want you to know the cost as well.  Reserve the space in your heart for those who understand the quality of the gifts entrusted to you by God.  Remember the cost of one lowered standard and the quality that diminishes with it.  There is no room for compromise!

No move in special needed.  Raise the standard.  Praise the Lord.

Kick Scripture of the Week: Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Leave a comment or a testimony below.  We are praying for you!  We love you!  


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