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The One God Kept for Me.

THE ONEThis song was on my heart this morning as I prayed for my Single Sisters.  The lyrics say:

The one I’ve waited for /My love’s design /The one He kept for me /Until it was time 
The one that I dreamed about /The one I can’t live without /The one He kept for me /Until it was time 
I put my hand in yours /Now and forevermore /Just put your faith in me /I will be all that you need 
I’d pray and wait for you /So patiently /And now He’s blessed our love /For eternity 
The one I was praying for /The one He delayed me for /The one He kept for me /Until it was time 
All that I want to be /Is all that you’ll ever need /I praise Him for the day /He let you pass by my way

I cried the first time I heard this song.  I was at a wedding and the meaning of the lyrics flooded me.  What I thought about most was my time in despair.  I thought about a time when I didn’t feel good enough or worthy enough for someone to make me their choice.  I thought about a time that I spent in the pit of low self-confidence and when I looked in the mirror of my friendships and relationships they certainly reflected what I thought about myself.  I was so in need of acceptance, and so in need of love that in my emptiness I didn’t even consult God.  In fact, my dear sisters, I’m not even sure if I knew to consult God.  I just went along my self reliant way thinking no one will ever really want me and no one will ever really love me, so I have to take what I can get.  LIE OF THE ENEMY.  

There was ONE that God was keeping for me until it was time.  I kept wondering why doesn’t this guy seem interested?  Why is this happening in my relationship?  Why am I heart broken?  Why did I break that relationship off?    All these questions were answered with the ONE God kept for me.

I was wrong in pursuing love separate of God.  It was when I bowed my knees in surrender to God and promised Him that I would live His way that He prepared my heart to receive love.  I was so focused on giving, doing, being that I didn’t know how to receive.  God allowed the things in the past, so that I would recognize His choice for me quickly.  And when I heard those lyrics I thought back to the early days of our courtship and the feeling on the inside that was more than butterflies in my stomach.  It was God being glorified through our love for one another, our respect of one another, the building of each other’s dreams, the willingness to heal in each other’s hearts.

The ONE God kept for me explained why it never worked out with anyone else.  THANK GOD!!!!  

God is keeping ONE for you!  He is shaping his heart by His Word.  He is allowing experiences in his path that you are called to Speak Life to.   One of the key lyrics of the song is, “Until it was time.”  Not one second before I was ready did God reveal the ONE to me.  But when it was time, God placed my hands in his and then walked with us from our first date, to our wedding, to the birth of our children, to every morning we wake up together.  The one God kept for me, until it was time, made the heartache and the hell worth it.  Everything that God knew I needed, he gave it to my husband.  Everything that God knew he needed, God gave it to me.

Can you begin praying for the ONE God is keeping for you?  Can you ask God to keep the covenant that He will bless fresh on the heart of you and  your future spouse. Pray for him to have a deep and loving relationship with Christ that will lead him to his destiny.  Pray that you can be faithful to your covenant with him, even before you  meet him or realize that he is the one God kept for you.

Be encouraged.  He is on the path to you.  Your destiny will be changed.  Your life will be enriched.  Your heart will be overjoyed.  The questions of why it didn’t work out with Mr. Wrong will be answered with God’s Mr. Right.  The ONE God is keeping for you is worth the journey.  Listen to this song and get a vision of yourself prepared to receive the one God is keeping for you.


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