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Christmas Questions – Part 2 Where is God?

The Christmas story is not over!  It is just beginning! 


Luke 2:9  An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.

The shepherds were busy.  They were doing their job, when a divine interruption came along.  An angel appeared and they responded in terror.  The Lord’s glory was so bright, the shepherds not only took notice – they were terrified.  

            Where is God showing up in your life?  Are you missing Him? Is He showing up in situations that are so big and unusual that  they are terrifying? 

God is appearing.  Even right now.  There is evidence of God everywhere!  His glory shines bright, but our business and busy-ness makes our view of His glory dim. 

God is always speaking.  Sometimes it’s through miracles. Sometimes it’s simply in the quiet times.  Every breath we breathe is proof that God has a purpose for us.  During this season, lets turn our attention to Christ.  Let each of us ask God to make us more aware and more awestruck of His presence as we experience His glory. 

Where is God showing up?  Is it in your opportunities to serve?  Is it in your testimony?  Is He asking you to step out in a new direction?  Are you terrified? 

During this season, pay attention to ways that you meet God.  Be attentive to the way that He speaks.  Pay attention to the ways He invites you to be a hearer and doer of His Word.  Pay attention to the angels He sends your way.  Embrace His message, even if it terrifies you!  Glorify Him with your obedience.  Yes even if you are terrified.

Where is God showing up in your life?  Keep your eyes open and your heart open to what God is doing even right now!  Let God interrupt you with His glory.  He is with you now and along the journey. 

Leave a comment and share some unusual places God is showing up.    Where is God? 


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