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How to Give Priceless Gifts for Christmas Day 3

Doing Christmas Differently

Doing Christmas Differently

You know someone who is overwhelmed.  We all know someone who is over-stressed.  For Christmas this year I want you to pray about giving them the perfect gift:


I want you to think of at least one person who has a ton of responsibility right now.  I want you to think of a friend and family member that comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “I have no idea how she does it.”  Is the person that you think of someone who takes care of a child with special needs?  Is he or she a person who is charged with the responsibility of caring for an aging parent?  Is there a grandparent raising grandchildren?  Is there a person who has adopted more children? Is it a teenage mother? I want you to think about this.

Give the gift of rest

 Are you wondering how you give the gift of rest?

1. You can wrap it as a cute coupon booklet of things you would like to do for them, like washing dishes, completing the grocery shopping, babysitting, or just sitting with a parent for a few hours while your friend or family member takes a nap.

2. Or you could just call and say – “I would like to give you some time to rest – how can I help you?” That is a gift that doesn’t have to be wrapped with a bow, it just has to be a sincere extension of the heart, that I’m sure will be received with joy!

The gift of rest won’t be forgotten.  It doesn’t cost any money, but it will be time that will be treasured and cherished by the giver and receiver.  A couple in our small group are empty-nesters.  They volunteered to babysit our children so that we could have a date night or some quiet time.  They extended this to the five couples in the room with small children.  They literally changed the mood in the room.  Their sincerity of making the offer was a gift in itself!  What a blessing!


Would you love to receive the gift of rest?  Do you feel led to give that gift of rest?  We would love to hear about what you are doing or planning to do.  Give us some ideas on how to give the gift of rest to someone else during this season.  What are some ways you would love to receive the gift of rest.  

Do Christmas Differently #DCD

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