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When No “Good” is Visible

We know that is hard to keep a focus when all around us is spinning out of control.  So today’s post is for those who have nothing good to report.  Those who are surrounded by a darkness that is threatening and forboding.  This is for the ones who have received bad reports and the next wave of news threatens to be worst than the first.  These words are for those carrying a heavy load, who feel like they can’t handle one more thing.  For those whose kids are losing their minds, living a life so far outside of the teachings they were brought up in and you are starting to feel hopeless.  These words are for those in need of more than feel good news.  We need good news we can feel.  

Life right now is a bit chaotic.  Millions have lost jobs, money, time.  Despair is rampant and there are not many answers for when this worldwide dizzying ride will come to an end.  I can hear my Great-Grandmother’s easy advice that spilled out of a mix of wisdom and experience, “This too will pass!” 

Copy of Your vision board is a promise you make to your best self! Honor her!I want to acknowledge – that it is DARK right now.  I feel it too.  It doesn’t feel good.  Ain’t nothing fun about it.  Death. Darkness. Depression. Lonliness. Overwhelmedness. Defeat.  

Yes.  It is real.  These words won’t excuse it.  But they will confront it! 

When there is NO GOOD VISIBLE, faith meets us.  Pride says, “If I don’t see it or feel it there can’t be any “GOOD” in it.”  Faith whispers with the assurance of Romans 8:28, “All things are working for my good!”  Pride cries, “How can anything be good right now.” Faith says, “My understanding is not a prerequisite for good to come from the situation.”  I’m willing to bet that God has brought good from situations that seemed unredeemable!  His track record is GOOD.  His track record is GOOD TO ME AND FOR ME.  

My hardships, worries, and situations are real.  My view is limited and human.  

So today, instead of remaining silent about your challenges – I challenge you (and me) to acknowledge the darkness and by faith squeeze the good that God will bring from it.  This is faith!  

Good Friday.  Death. Darkness. Defeat.  There is NO GOOD visible in that!  But by FAITH – choose to believe His words that remained true and were sealed by this dark day.  

Your faith  has GOOD that will bring you through this darkness.   Acknowledge where you are. Believe good is some where in it.  Continue to shift toward gratitude and grace. 






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