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How to Mourn the Death of a Friendship

  Dearly beloved we have gathered here today to mourn a loss.  Some friendships grow in different directions, others suffer a fatal blow, and other friendships fall apart at the hand of foul play.  It doesn’t matter what happened, friendships that fail are difficult to get over. I know first hand that losing a friend can be tougher than heartbreak. My circle has been small for a long time, but when I found out that the value I placed on the word friend was not shared with one who I considered one of my closest, I kind of freaked out….


Are You a Killer?

I’ve been killing myself from the inside out.  Here is my confession:  I could point out my every flaw.  I could tell you every fault of my own.  I could beat myself up pretty badly.  I could criticize and find every terrible, awful, no good thing about me.    I could not forgive myself easily.  I could not accept compliments without discounting them.  I could not speak about myself positively without negating it.   I was an expert at everything wrong with me.  I was a novice on building what was right about me.  I had come to expect the…


What God Wants from Your Workout

The number one New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight.  There are a million programs out there, but there is no secret to what really works: DIET and EXERCISE.  It’s really not what to do that plagues people but how. One of my biggest road blocks was getting started.  I had no idea where to start with the exercise part.  Since 2012 I have found some great ways to exercise, and I feel like my struggle with exercise has also been a growing point in my faith.  Here are three things I think God asked of me when it came…

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