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Love is Patient

God is slowing me down to appreciate His word in small bites.  Today’s snack – “Love is patient.” Walk with me slowly through this meditation.   When I became a wife, I kind of thought that I would need a couple of months – maybe a year to “get it right.”  I thought that the learning curve would be like learning to ride a bike:  you fail – you learn – you never forget.  Love is patient – for  a reason. When I married my husband I pledged my love for as long as I live.  Why is marriage forever?…


Who’s Driving – Are you a Submissive Wife? 3 Questions for Your Heart.

I went to lunch with a young lady who was engaged to be married.  “My husband WILL NOT be my head, ” she said with conviction.  The statement troubled me and disturbed me.  I was quiet a moment then asked, “Then why get married?” Single women drive themselves.  If driving is your thing, there is a place for that.  When you marry, you are saying I will let you drive me.  I will help you, but I won’t harm you.  I will willingly serve you and serve alongside you, but I won’t injure you with my pride. Who is Really…


Five Signs that Marriage is Not for You

Can’t you picture it?  Dresses.  Flowers.  Bridesmaids.  Engagement parties.  Walking down the aisle to a sea of adorning witnesses.  The gasp at a glimpse of your beauty.  The awestruck audience that looks on lovingly as you say those two little words, “I do.”  Isn’t it lovely?  Don’t get me wrong, weddings are beautiful, but they aren’t made of the things that make a marriage last.  I’ve talked to many ladies whose training to be a bride far outweighs their preparation to be a wife.   I don’t want any one to make the mistake of getting married for the wrong…


Are You a Killer?

I’ve been killing myself from the inside out.  Here is my confession:  I could point out my every flaw.  I could tell you every fault of my own.  I could beat myself up pretty badly.  I could criticize and find every terrible, awful, no good thing about me.    I could not forgive myself easily.  I could not accept compliments without discounting them.  I could not speak about myself positively without negating it.   I was an expert at everything wrong with me.  I was a novice on building what was right about me.  I had come to expect the…


I Made Love Wrong

I was wondering the best way to share this.  I mean I want to say so many things, but I want to make sure its the right thing.  After all we want this blog to be a help to people and not just an airing of dirty laundry.  I gonna say it straight up.  I made love wrong.  I did it wrong and for the wrong reasons, and I’m gonna tell you two ways I made love and give you a few tips on how to do it better. I made love a story.  From the time I was a…


We Have Issues

Here is the truth: we have issues.  Our yard is not perfect!  In our lawn there are patches where rocks have assembled themselves and decided to protest the greenery that used to reside there.  The rocks won – in two little places.  One patch forms an oblong oval and the other   little circle has sprouts of grass reminiscent of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Both patches are ugly and take away from the overall look of the otherwise nice lawn (which my husband and father planted all on their own.)  Because of these two patches we have had to…

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