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Imagine Having Great Friends.

Imagine the best friend you could possibly think of – and then become that friend for someone else. Imagine the circle of friends you deeply desire – then begin the process of healing from the broken friendships that went sour. Imagine life with women who admitted their own imperfections, and extended grace for the imperfect people around them. Imagine being a woman who actually can actually trust again, and begin the process of tearing down the walls that keep potential friends on the acquaintance side of the fence. Imagine being whole, and embracing the fact that life after hurt starts…


5 Real Reasons You Don’t Have Friends (and how to make new ones)

I was really content with my small circle of friends.  I had a crew to shop with, eat with, vent to, and do our Christian version of partying.  I mean those women totally understood me.  They didn’t judge me.  They encouraged and inspired me.  MY CREW!  Then things went a little haywire with one moving to another city, but she was still within a couple of hours.  Then the other was swept off her feet by a soldier in shining armor and whisked away to Alaska.  Then one passed away.  So I went from chilling with my girls to all…

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