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Your Moment to Plant a Miracle

Here is what I know about you.  You are a miracle maker.  You have the seeds to grow someone else’s miracle. Here is a fact:  YOU have is enough to give! Here is another fact:  Blessing God with YOUR GIVING opens the door to miracles! Here is a question:  Do you believe it?   In church on Sunday, our Campus Pastor reminded us about the miracle of fishes and loaves.  Read the miracle in the Bible  He reminded us that a little boy’s lunch became enough for 5000.  Because of Jesus’ intervention and reliance on the Father it would have become…


There is a Killer on the Loose

What if I told you there is someone out to get you?  Do you know there is a predator that wants to destroy you, your purpose and your destiny.  Would you leave your doors unlocked?  Would you cover your eyes and walk blindly into whatever happens?  Would you let your loved ones know that there was danger?  If you value your life you would prepare as best you can to be victorious if danger ensued.  You would be in a constant state of vigilance to make sure you didn’t go down without a fight.  RIGHT?  The Bible alerts us in…


3 The Hard Way: The Struggle with Recieving God’s Forgiveness

I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.” Psalm 40:8 NIV I had no idea that my words would evoke such strong emotions in my son.  It was one of those mornings where despite the fast pace, I was able to keep my cool.  My son has started his day off by responding with a dishonest answer to a quick question.  My “mother instinct” kicked in and I went to verify his answer and found out that he was not truthful with me.  I went to him and sat down so that his five…

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