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Profile of An Overcomer: True Beauty

Not one heart transplant, but two.  She doesn’t have to wonder if she’s here for a purpose.  God has made it clear through the blessing that she is to so many.  No stranger to adversity, Jasmine Le’Shea has a firefilled kind of joy.  A kind of presence that makes the enemy want her off of God’s team.  But she is a captain on the team and recruiting for the Kingdom! Follow Jasmine Le’Shea on twitter and instagram @jasmineleshea Jasmine Le’Shea is the singer whose voice made KB’s “HeartSong” an instant favorite for me.  Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jasmine recently relocated to Atlanta…


Lecrae – Anomaly Tour Reflections

We went to the LeCrae Anomaly Tour  It was phenomenal!   The lights, the show, the music and all of this was NOT at the expense of the message.  He shared different events from his life and how those events shaped him.  He bared some of his wounds and showed some of his scars – so that people would know that Christ is a healer. As he shared his story and God’s story the lights and lasers dazzled the crowd, the DJ hyped up the audience.  The smoke effects made us scream and the whole experience made us dance and…

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