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Skip the long lines, the wrapping paper, the tape, the sticky tags.  Forget the ugly ties and coffee mugs.  This year I want to inspire you with gift ideas that you will never forget! Get ready for the series “Do Christmas Differently” and you may win a $400 Gift Card to Let’s Do Christmas Differently Together. Starting December 1, 2014.       a Rafflecopter giveaway


How Fred Hammond Changed My Life Part 1

  I was in the car coming home from a writers’ event with a friend and she was sharing about a tough time in her life.  She then recalled an album that she listened to from beginning to end that spoke to the situations she was struggling with.  “That music was like a soundtrack to my life,”  she said.  I could hear the emotion welling up as she recalled details of tragedy that music helped her to overcome.  I could totally relate. Listening to her speak made me think of an artist to whom I owe the gift of gratitude….


5 Tips to Prepare You for the LeCrae Anomaly Tour

[/button] So, I was partially prepared for the Anomaly Tour, but after experiencing it, I wanted you to be a bit more prepared than I was.  Here are a few tips on what you can do to get ready and intensify your Anomaly Experience. 1.  Work Out!   DJ Promote got the crowd jumping and dancing during his set which is up first.  Then Andy Mineo (yes, Minnie -O) had us dancing, wylin, singing, crying (just a few tears during Bitter – and I’m unashamed!)  Then LeCrae comes out and sets it off.  When we were leaving the venue there…


Are you Preparing for Christmas the Right Way?

My family is getting our hearts and minds prepared to celebrate Christmas with this book.  Check it out and join us in the preparation. This book is a blessing.  Wondering if you will love it, try the “Look Inside” feature to check it out.  Click here to buy it or try it now.


Lecrae – Anomaly Tour Reflections

We went to the LeCrae Anomaly Tour  It was phenomenal!   The lights, the show, the music and all of this was NOT at the expense of the message.  He shared different events from his life and how those events shaped him.  He bared some of his wounds and showed some of his scars – so that people would know that Christ is a healer. As he shared his story and God’s story the lights and lasers dazzled the crowd, the DJ hyped up the audience.  The smoke effects made us scream and the whole experience made us dance and…

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