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Books for Quitters and Winners

If you are anything like me you start reading a book and then put it down and never pick it back up.  Well this year was a little different for me!  Here is my list of books that didn’t let me quit, that didn’t  let my schedule get in the way.  These books grabbed me by the collar and arrested my interests, thoughts and emotions.  These books made a finisher out of this quitter!  Maybe they will be a win for your too!  You can click on any pictures or the links to learn more about any of the books….


Is Your Opinion Your god?

Just another day scrolling through Facebook, when I see a post that arrests me. I literally scrolled up and then back down in an attempt to make what I saw disappear or reappear with someone else’s name attached. How could it be that people I’ve known, sat with, worshipped with, prayed with could post such cruelty and ridiculously racist rhetoric. It used to happen every once in a while, and I would attempt some inbox dialogue or pray that other leaders or pastors would be so alarmed that love would lead them to seek a conversation. The comments or posts…

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