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Profile of An Overcomer: True Beauty

Not one heart transplant, but two.  She doesn’t have to wonder if she’s here for a purpose.  God has made it clear through the blessing that she is to so many.  No stranger to adversity, Jasmine Le’Shea has a firefilled kind of joy.  A kind of presence that makes the enemy want her off of God’s team.  But she is a captain on the team and recruiting for the Kingdom! Follow Jasmine Le’Shea on twitter and instagram @jasmineleshea Jasmine Le’Shea is the singer whose voice made KB’s “HeartSong” an instant favorite for me.  Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jasmine recently relocated to Atlanta…


I Made Love Wrong – Part 2

You can always find someone to agree with your decisions. Whether they are right or wrong!  You can find someone who will support you.  Isn’t that crazy!  You can find a voice that will tell you, “Do what makes you happy.”  “You deserve this”  “Follow your heart.” But when your closest family and friends raise concerns and you feel as if you should forge ahead without their support, that often leads to disaster.  Pay attention to your true support network.  If your mother, your best friend of twenty years and your favorite cousin all have concerns about Mr. Wonderful, then…


I Made Love Wrong

I was wondering the best way to share this.  I mean I want to say so many things, but I want to make sure its the right thing.  After all we want this blog to be a help to people and not just an airing of dirty laundry.  I gonna say it straight up.  I made love wrong.  I did it wrong and for the wrong reasons, and I’m gonna tell you two ways I made love and give you a few tips on how to do it better. I made love a story.  From the time I was a…

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