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Why Can’t I Pray Away Depression?

14.8 million American adults suffer from depression.  These are just the ones that report it, so just imagine the number of those who are struggling in silence.   It is the leading cause of disability in the United States.  Research says that depression is more prevalent in women than men, but my suspicion is that women are more willing to admit it than men.   Here is what I do know – if you are struggling YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have struggled with depression in the past and there are times when I will have an episode.  I hate…


Who’s Driving – Are you a Submissive Wife? 3 Questions for Your Heart.

I went to lunch with a young lady who was engaged to be married.  “My husband WILL NOT be my head, ” she said with conviction.  The statement troubled me and disturbed me.  I was quiet a moment then asked, “Then why get married?” Single women drive themselves.  If driving is your thing, there is a place for that.  When you marry, you are saying I will let you drive me.  I will help you, but I won’t harm you.  I will willingly serve you and serve alongside you, but I won’t injure you with my pride. Who is Really…


Five Signs that Marriage is Not for You

Can’t you picture it?  Dresses.  Flowers.  Bridesmaids.  Engagement parties.  Walking down the aisle to a sea of adorning witnesses.  The gasp at a glimpse of your beauty.  The awestruck audience that looks on lovingly as you say those two little words, “I do.”  Isn’t it lovely?  Don’t get me wrong, weddings are beautiful, but they aren’t made of the things that make a marriage last.  I’ve talked to many ladies whose training to be a bride far outweighs their preparation to be a wife.   I don’t want any one to make the mistake of getting married for the wrong…

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