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Single but… Being Pursued (Part 2)

So maybe you are single by choice.  Maybe there are men pursuing you so you feel like you have the upper hand.  Talking with my husband about the last blog post Single but…Looking  (if you missed it click here to read it)  he pointed out a few things to me that I think will be helpful to single women who are currently being pursued by men.   1. Who is after you? The “hunter” or the “farmer” I know you are thinking “Hunters and farmers are not exactly the kind of guys I’m looking for.”  Well just hang with this…


Single but… Looking (Part 1)

“Single but looking” is a category that includes many women.  Many women are looking for something.  Here is my question:  What are you looking for?  Defining your standards helps you find the one you are looking for, instead accepting what you are looking at.  I want to encourage every single woman who is preparing for marriage to be diligent in prayer and fasting for direction so that you will recognize the difference between God’s man and a good man (or good enough man).  Here are three ways to define what you are looking for: 1.  Look to the Word not…


Dream with me.

It makes sense to me.  Blurred vision becoming clear.   Sometimes I have dreams and when I wake up I recap the whole thing.  The details, as strange as they may be, replay in my head.  Movie – like.  Vivid.  Real.  I usually recount the details while asking questions.  Why did that happen?  Who is that person?  What did that mean?  And before I swing my legs off the bed and the soles of my feet hit the floor I am paralyzed with an interpretation.  God floods me with the meaning of one part of the dream, then another part….

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