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Your Moment to Plant a Miracle

Here is what I know about you.  You are a miracle maker.  You have the seeds to grow someone else’s miracle.

Here is a fact:  YOU have is enough to give!

Here is another fact:  Blessing God with YOUR GIVING opens the door to miracles!

Here is a question:  Do you believe it? 

 In church on Sunday, our Campus Pastor reminded us about the miracle of fishes and loaves. 

Read the miracle in the Bible 

He reminded us that a little boy’s lunch became enough for 5000.  Because of Jesus’ intervention and reliance on the Father it would have become enough for 10,000 or 50,000 with provisions left over.  His opening of the word reminded us to trust God with whatever we have.  We have to trust Him enough to release what we hold so tightly as a gift. 

My husband and I felt like these three points and reflection questions captured the heart of what God was speaking to us.  We are praying that these will minister to your heart as well. 

 1.  The little boy probably wasn’t the only one with lunch, but he is the one who gave.


Will you have faith enough to trust God with what you’ve set aside for yourself in order to bless someone else?  Everyone else may be holding their possessions tight, but will you be courageous enough in your faith to give? 


2.  The little boy didn’t know that he was giving into a miracle.         


Will you plant your resources into the soil of God’s life giving work, not knowing what kind of miracle will be born from your obedience?   Will you not worry about the outcome of your seed, and just trust God to grow it?  Let faith determine the outcome of what you give.


3.  The little boy released what he had.


What is the Lord asking you to release?  Is it time? Is it talent?  Is it treasure?  Are you willing to let it go?  Are you ready to make miracles with what you release?

Here is what I know about you.  You are a miracle maker.  You have the seeds to grow someone else’s miracle.  You have a few dollars, a few minutes, a few gifings that are miracle makers when you trust God enough to give them away.  Skip lunch and pay for someone else’s meal, give money to a radio ministry, spend time with a widow.  You can be a moment changer, a life changer, a world changer with what you give.  What you give can reach people you will never meet.  What you give can encourage those who are hopeless, educate those who are helpless, introduce a Savior to those who are godless.  

Will you release what you have into the Father’s hands?   

Philip made a statement that, “It would take more than half a year’s wages to buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!” But when Jesus used the gift that was given – little though it was, all had eaten until they had enough. 

I know a family who has taken on a God-given mandate, and their obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable, but I believe that the readers of this blog have just a little something to give that God can use for something greater.  Please take some time to pray about blessing this ministry.  They are changing lives with the Gospel!  If you can partner with them for this wonderful kingdom cause  – give time, give talent, give treasure and you will be giving the gift of everlasting life.   Pray for this ministry and every ministry that is striving to reach their giving budgets in order to continue spreading the Gospel.   

Learn more about this family’s ministry.   

Plant a Miracle with the Willards


Have you ever benefitted from someone’s giving?  Please leave a comment below.  


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