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I Made Love Wrong

I was wondering the best way to share this.  I mean I want to say so many things, but I want to make sure its the right thing.  After all we want this blog to be a help to people and not just an airing of dirty laundry.  I gonna say it straight up.  I made love wrong.  I did it wrong and for the wrong reasons, and I’m gonna tell you two ways I made love and give you a few tips on how to do it better. I made love a story.  From the time I was a…

Lecrae – Anomaly Tour Reflections

We went to the LeCrae Anomaly Tour  It was phenomenal!   The lights, the show, the music and all of this was NOT at the expense of the message.  He shared different events from his life and how those events shaped him.  He bared some of his wounds and showed some of his scars – so that people would know that Christ is a healer. As he shared his story and God’s story the lights and lasers dazzled the crowd, the DJ hyped up the audience.  The smoke effects made us scream and the whole experience made us dance and…
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