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Don’t think like a man.

Think Like A Man

Recently Steve Harvey struck gold with single ladies with his book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”  The book touts itself as an authority on what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy and commitment.   That’s an interesting perspective if you are interested in learning game.  When you act like a lady and think like a man you invite yourself to the crossroads of an identity crisis.  When you act like a lady and think like a man you then begin to act like a “man” and think of ways to flip the game instead of avoid the game.  In order to not become the prey, you become the hunter.  So who wins?  Not you!  The hunter has to be on the lookout for prey all the time because he is a killer.  Women who think like a man become less attractive to a man who is looking for a lady.  Acting like a lady and being a lady are simply two different things.  So, as much as I love Steve Harvey I must respectfully disagree with his premise.

To get ready for the man God has for you, you don’t need to “act” like a lady, you need to be a lady

To get ready for the man God has for you, you don’t need to “think like a man”  you need to think like a godly woman.  As a women thinketh, so she is.

To get ready for the man God has for you, you don’t need to learn the game, you need to understand the game plan.  At the end of a game somebody gets played.  The godly gameplan is set up for everyone to be a winner.

Don’t consult Steve Harvey, farther than entertainment purposes only.  His premises will bring about confusion and the illusion of a successful relationship, but it won’t last.  Standing on God’s purposes will provide the only lasting power strong enough to hold relationships together.

“Acting like” anything is a facade.  Thinking like someone you are not, nor designed to be is a set up.  Being who you are is a joy to the one who created you.  Thinking like the Creator brings you closer to those who are like minded in passion and purpose.  No gimmicks. No games.  

A zebra that thinks like a lion still gets eaten alive if it is the slowest, weakest, sickest one in the bunch.  The game will get you whether you think like a man or not.  It is only the Word that empowers women not to fall for satan’s traps or man’s games.  Don’t think like a man.  Think higher than man.  Set a standard rooted in godliness and your husband will reveal himself to you by reaching the bar in spirit and in truth.

Its not a game.  Its not a method or a gimmick.  It’s a lifestyle of holiness that leads to eternal happiness.  Don’t think like a man.  Live like a godly woman.  Don’t act like a lady.  Be a lady.

Kick hell out of your preparation and see what God can do.  Don’t let Steve Harvey’s advice, or anyone else’s supersede God’s game plan for your life.

Leave a comment below.  Tell us what advice people are giving you about relationships.  


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