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 Five Ways to Know You Need to Lighten up

LIGHTEN UP!We are all juggling stuff –   husbands, doctor appointments, kids, church, obligations, working, not working, housework, schoolwork, projects, personal improvement – and the list goes on!  Many of the appointments on our agenda are mandatory, obligatory, heavy and downright hard.  That load can WEIGH US DOWN!  Girl!  Here are some signs that it’s time to lighten up.

1.  When you run into people and they ask you if you are okay (with that look of deep concern on their faces)?   This means you look like hell has broken loose on you and in you! Your hair may or may not be all over your head, you have on two different shoes.  This is not your normal!  It is not Halloween or Spirit Week!   You are a priority. Fix yourself up.  Schedule an appointment to get your hair, nails, makeup done.  Get it together girl!  Lighten up!

2.  When you make your kids turn off Sesame Street because social and political unrest that is evident in the underlying themes of the programming.  Really?  You are now taking “the struggle” to “the Street”  Sesame Street that is.  You need to turn off the news.  Turn off NPR and learn how to enjoy life again.  We can’t let the negative things consume us.  Adult issues are keeping your children from reviewing the alphabet in peace.  Get it together girl!  Lighten up!

3.  When you start crying because no one asks you to hang out… You feel like people are avoiding you because you are a party pooper.  You know what doesn’t help: your rants, complaints, commentary, and harsh treatment of every server everywhere. Play nice next time, even if things are not 100% to your standard.  We love you, girl, but you have to get it together!  Lighten up!

4.  When you start crying because some one asks you to hang out…  A Grammy acceptance speech complete with tears is not the appropriate response to an invitation to grab some coffee with friends.  Cut the theatrics and just enjoy the moment.  Get it together girl!  Lighten up!

5. When your stress levels clear the room… OK – now you are scaring people.  Parents are gathering up their children.  Your own kids are rolling their eyes.  Your husband is whispering, “Let’s just go,” through clenched teeth.  You are making a scene and it in aisle 10 at the grocery store or {insert any random public place here.}  You’ve had it girl!  It’s time to relax, relate and release! Get it together girl!  Lighten up!

Every lady needs some down time and some fun time.  Going too long without it makes you the crazy, uptight, super stressed, scary friend that people get a little nervous about.  We all turn into her at sometime or another – but thank God for friends that let you know its time to lighten up!

Pray with me:  Lord teach me how to enjoy this life you have given to me.  Help me to find ways to relax and unwind when responsibilities change my outlook from optimism to pessimism.  Help me to laugh at myself.  Lord surround me with friends who can speak the truth in love to me and prepare my heart to lovingly receive them.  Help me to lighten up and live the abundant life. In Jesus’ name, 


Leave a comment.  What are some sure fire signs that it is time to get it together and lighten up?  Share with us.  





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