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Focus on Him

FocusHe wants me to look at Him.  He wants me to keep my eyes off of the storm and just look at Him.   I have been entrenched in the details of the issues and the storms.  I have been enamored by the lure of what is going on right now.  I feel overwhelmed by the what ifs and the possibilities.  I feel like sinking and I’m to the point where I am welcoming it.  I’m inviting in the destruction that comes with being unfocused.  I’m going about this wrong and I know it.  I feel as if God is fastening His hands to my face, sternly cupping my chin and saying look at ME!

Has anyone else felt like that before, like you know what you should focus on, but you allow distractions room to pull you away, lure you from the true prize.  You let distraction lie about being PRIORITY, when you know that what you should focus on is the one that can change the atmosphere and bless the situation.  You know that the enemy loves to magnify things to make them bigger than what they seem.  He has a field day when we are pulled into the fun house of his arena – but our God is bigger than the enemy’s best illusion.

Let us pray:

Lord, when all around me is fighting for my attention, let your still small voice captivate my spirit.  When all around me is annoying me and distracting me and pulling me in a million different directions, let me listen for your voice.  When circumstances seem large and looming – let me cling to hope over despair.  In the middle of the storm let Your word rise up in my heart, make its way to my mind, and fill my mouth with praise.  You can help me.  You can save me.  You will never harm me.

In Jesus’ Name I pray.


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